Appendix 7

Planning Policy Guidance Notes and Planning Policy Statements

PPG1 (Revised)General Policy and Principles
PPG2 (Revised)Green Belts
PPG3 (Revised)Housing
PPG4Industrial and Commercial Development and Small Firms
PPG5Simplified Planning Zones
PPG6 (Revised)Town Centres and Retail Developments
PPS7Sustainable Development in Rural Areas
PPG8 (Revised)Telecommunications
PPG9Nature Conservation
PPG10Planning and Waste Management
PPS11Regional Spatial Strategies
PPS12Local Development Frameworks
PPG13 (Revised)Transport
PPG14Development on Unstable Land
PPG14AAnnex 1: Landslides and Planning
PPG15Planning and the Historic Environment
PPG16Archaeology and Planning
PPG17Sport and Recreation
PPG18Enforcing Planning Control
PPG19Outdoor Advertisement Control
PPG20Coastal Planning
PPS22Renewable Energy
PPS22Companion Guide to PPS22
PPS23Planning and Pollution Control
PPG24Planning and Noise
PPG25Development and Flood Risk

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